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1 April 2024

Japanese singer Ado sweeps fans off their feet at first world tour ‘Wish’

Japanese singer Ado has officially set off on her European tour on March 9 starting with the city of Brussels, […]

14 December 2023

‘Pluto’: Netflix’s dark anime adaptation challenges our perception of AI psychology

The Netflix anime series ‘Pluto’, a murder mystery brimming with meaningful themes, reimagines the iconic ‘Astro Boy’ manga. Let’s unpack […]

30 September 2023

‘A Haunting in Venice’: reinventing Agatha Christie’s mystery with a layer of horror

Branagh’s latest installment of the Hercule Poirot mystery series is currently in theaters, with the Halloween season just around the […]

25 September 2023

11th Korean Film Festival returns to Brussels: what to expect

Film buffs, rejoice! The 11th Korean Film Festival will take place in Brussels and Luxembourg this year from September 27 […]