This weekend we are lucky to have and participate in the Spring surprising edition of Brussels Design Market – 16 & 17 March 2024 at the premises of magnificent Tour & Taxis’s Gare Maritime space, recently refurbished and completely decorated with wood! Its the biggest building in Europe, decorated with wood!  

More than 100 galleries take part in this edition from all corners of our wide Europe, but mostly from neighboring countries! There are some representatives from Denmark, Slovenia and Poland, but the majority of merchants are local and coming from France and the Netherlands! A superb selection of 20th century design and furniture is at display!

I had a chance to talk to merchants at the fair and was under very positive impression about theirs enthusiasm about Brussels Design Market! For example, Niek Schoenmakers (The Mullen House) comes from Amsterdam annually and participated in the latest edition of Collectible event as well! It took the city by its creativity one week ago! For Brussels Design Market Niek has more affordable design pieces with reasonable prices, which he proudly showcases to all of us! He just adores the ambience of the fair, which he somehow misses in Amsterdam!

Brussels Design Market © photo Yelena21

Two young raskals from Poland: Michal and Ewa, having their own company “Mazur & Hofman” in Wrocław, Poland, coming to the fair with carefully selected vintage furniture pieces, according to theirs persoon taste and style, while giving to these pieces second chances by refurbishing and renovating them! They collaborate with Kvadrat from Denmark! They believe that second hand items can save our planet from drawing in overproduction! They also believe in beauty of retro design, which makes it so timeless! 

Many participants underline a truly unique atmosphere of this fair and the attitude of everyone, attending it, which is down to earth, easy going, relaxed and welcoming! 
Put a pair of your favorite jeans and your weekend sweater! Don’t forget good mood and feel at home here! The next 35th jubilee edition is during Design September Brussels!

Brussels Design Market © photo Yelena21

Elizabeth Djam, this Fair’s Manager is happy to welcome many participants of all ages at the fair, who are “frequent flyers” annually! Elizabeth has been promoting Belgian design and is proud to place it in the European context! Also into the International one! She is also behind annual Design September Brussels, where myself, I participate already for several years as design locations coordinator, lately with my “Dutch Design at Holland House Brussels” informal platform, where I invite Dutch designers monthly to come for Creative Talks and in September organizing programs with exhibitions, Creative Talks, Young Designers Night and DJ moments! This year will be not exceptional! 

I do admire the team behind Brussels Design Market fair, which is small, but restless and totally in love with what they believe into! 

Brussels Design Market © photo Yelena21

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