Sundays in the heart of the Grand-Est region are not the most enthralling day of the week. Multiple shops and bars are closed, and the city seems to be asleep. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rule. There are indeed a few cosy cafes and activities open on a Sunday that’ll make the last day of the week appear less dreary.

A rainy Sunday in Reims used to be my biggest fear. A small northern French city on the sacred day of a Sunday can feel quite empty and boring. However, you cannot stop the rain, and you cannot stop a Sunday from approaching, so here is how to make the best of it.

1.Visit the Planetarium

Reims’ planetarium is the second planetarium created in the whole of France. On Sundays it is open from 14:00 to 18:00, and the entrance fee is 6 euros. The planetarium is a perfect opportunity to awaken your inner child and learn about the stars and the planet.

Address: 49 Avenue du General de Gaulle

2.Café Petrouchka

This cosy café is located close to the charming Place Du Forum. It is ideal for a Sunday brunch and the staff is very friendly. Their brunch menu includes a classic range of food such as eggs, fruit, and avocado toasts. The warmth of the décor and the café will make you want to stay in this café while it rains outside. Another great feature of Café Petrouchka is that you can also study there while the public library is closed. 

Address: 8 Rue Colbert

3. Le Cabasson

In terms of “vibes” and feel, this café has it all. From the outside, one would think this is a café located in the heart of a trendy Parisian neighborhood.  Le Cabasson offers board games and cards to play, giving the café an easy-going and fun atmosphere. The café is small but feels like home thanks to its welcoming owners and interior design. On a Sunday it is open from 11:00-15:00, and their brunch is delicious.

Address: 37 Rue Cérès

4. Halles Du Boulingrin

The stunning Halles du Boulingrin has more to offer than meets the eye. Every second Sunday of the month there is a book market for the cities’ book lovers. If you don’t like to read, there are 4 Sundays of the year in which the Halles hosts an artisanal art fair. In the absence of a market being hosted, it is still pleasant to walk around and observe other “rémois” having their Sunday stroll away from the rain.

Address: 50 Rue de Mars

5. Champagne Tasting

Where else should one do a Champagne tasting other than in the region of Champagne itself? Reims is home to various prestigious Champagne houses such as the Taittinger house, or even Veuve-Clicquot. On Sundays various champagne houses such as Taittinger are open for champagne tastings and visits. The prices of such visits start from 27 euros.

Adress : 9 Place Saint-Nicaise