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28 April 2022

Man and Beast: Francis Bacon’s powerful exhibition

The Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution based in the heart of London that’s been operational for over […]

15 April 2022

Biking in London for Beginners

ondon is humongous, the public transport is overcrowded and petrol is extremely expensive. So what better way to avoid these problems and discover the city by bike? This might sound scary at first, so here is a small survival guide to biking in London for beginners.

25 March 2022

London: What’s the Deal with Canary Wharf?

Once an industrial area, Canary Wharf has turned into the most important financial hub of the UK over the last decades. With the ever growing presence of skyscrapers in the neighbourhood, the atmosphere of Canary Wharf has something futuristic and cold – but is this postmodern postcode in the east of London worth a visit?

16 March 2022

Tiles of the Tube: Leytonstone Station

Having both the longest and oldest metro system of Europe, London’s underground is full of quirky stories. Famous for being […]

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